Insanity takes its time!

Shell a posted Mon at 20:28
Ever since I began playing Warcraft 'the Insane' is a title I have lusted after.  I first saw a druid with it in Booty Back way back in 2009 and from that moment I imagined the day I would finally own this prestigious title for myself!  

It may well have taken a little longer than id originally hoped but that's what happens when you become a mummy of two!  But today is that day: Shell the Insane!  HORRAY!! 

I'd also like to say thank you to all those who helped me out along the way and more recently to Times for the junkboxes and Stumblé and Makraz for being my goblin rep farming buddies!  I expect to see you finish this FOS soon Stumblé! 

Evysuz So good to see you finally with that title! GZ!! ...
Tapps a Massive GZ i know how long u have wanted it! ...

SiegeCrafter 25 HC Down!

Melonk posted Apr 4, 14
SiegeCrafter 25 HC Down!

After a night of 5% wipes, then a night of 20% wipes.
Rock in and one-shot him!

Go Carnage Inc!

Check out the following videos of us in action....

Shell a Good work guys!! One step closer!
Evysuz well done!
Carnage Inc is 5 years old today (March 30th)! So i'd say that calls for a celebration!!  You may of been with us for all of that journey or just part of it, but all members old and new are what make Carnage Inc more than just a guild, more than a just a raid force and more like a wow family for each and every one of us.

We will be having a week of celebrations starting today. There will be competitions galore and where there are competitions there are prizes. Be sure to keep a close eye on the competitions forum for all the competitions and how to enter.

Thank you for making Carnage Inc an enjoyable place to be. Being Guild Leader at times is not easy and i'd like to say a MASSIVE thank you to both Mel and Bio for doing a fantastic job in the absence of Tapps and I.  Having such an amazing guild makes every challenge worth it.


Dreyga Happy Bday Carnage Inc
Evysuz Those 5 years (for me 4.5 years) have been great! Not only as a WoW guild, but also as a place fro friends, including tw ...

Thok 25 HC down!

Melonk posted Feb 28, 14
Thok 25 HC down!.

Another boss down on the path to Garry HC.
Looks like another weekly kill that is allergic to dropping trinkets!

Go Carnage Inc!

Savs Gratz! Good Luck on the SCer, heard hes a bit of a cunt.
Veneswish Gratz guys!
Shell a Well done guys!! Finally this fucker is down! Now to regain momentum and get back up those rankings!!
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